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Mille Lacs Lake Fishing (Fishing Reports, Events, Tournament Information and more)-> Open Discussion-> Mille Lacs walleye harvest quota cut in half. Start A New Topic Reply Printer Friendly. Post Info TOPIC: Mille Lacs walleye harvest quota cut in half Mille Lacs- Aitkin County Lakes » Steve Fellegy court case and netting Mille Lacs; Recent. Ammo for sale by HD [Yesterday at 10:31:05 PM] Good Morning!!!!! by delcecchi [Yesterday at 07:25:58 PM] What's on the stove, oven... by Bobberineyes [Yesterday at 03:01:10 PM] Birds in the back yard by glenn57 [Yesterday at 12:39:18 PM] Lenonid meteor shower tim... by snow1 [Yesterday at 10:58:16 AM The fish served at any casino needs to meet the health and safety standards of the Food and Drug Administration and any fish caught on Lake Mille Lacs would not meet those standards. The fish mr fellegy has been fighting the good fight for a long time, and has a plan. as far as a casino in a downtown metro area, it will happen soon. the mille lacs band has signed a purchase agreement on two of the four major motels in downtown st paul. when the sale goes through, the casino will not be too far behind. if you want a real eduacation on the whole mess, just give steve a call, his A Walleye Casino by Steve Fellegy. May 27th, 2010 by OutdoorsFIRST Modified May 27th, 2010 at 12:00 AM. I was a pioneer of walleye tournament fishing, both in Minnesota and around the country. 29 years later, I still have the urge and passion to compete, no doubt. But times have changed, as usual, at many of the venues we started the sport at. Steve Fellegy. In the early years, fishing Note that this takes a LOT of memory. Don't try it on an iPAQ, etc. Steve Fellegy and his family are Mille Lacs icons and can find anyone any kind of fish. The Fellegy family grew up on this lake and know it like their back yard. Tim Andersen has been fishing this lake for years for those monster muskies. All three of the guides will provide you with a Mille Lacs experience that will last you a life time. Go to or contact the resort to book DNR Mille Lacs Information. Search . Mille Lacs Lake Fishing (Fishing Reports, Events, Tournament In witch he did not keep any of them, they all were sold to the Casino, on Mille Lacs - In fact the way he put it, he would have to get an agreed quota of harvest to get his payment - He and his party would net Mille Lacs, Leech, and a few smaller lakes around the larger lakes listed - His Fellegy includes Mille Lacs “co-management” as another issue worthy of Lawrence’s hard follow-the-money-and-politics questions. He describes the DNR’s anemic negotiations to the tribe’s near elimination of angler walleye harvest from Mille Lacs. Outdoor News Editor Rob Drieslein recently called the tribe’s aggressive position on walleye harvest “ ‘downright mean’ and Joe Fellegy is trying to get the message across to the Governor that the DNR has an annual budget of almost 1/2 a million dollars for regulation,testing and misc expenses that are needed for Mille lacs. Not to mention the lost dollars in the local economy.

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